It is our goal to make the information you provide to your Tax N Book bookkeeper as convenient as possible while at the same time are secured by AES-256 SSL encryption. Financial data is sensitive by nature, so we take extreme measures to ensure that our security is impenetrable.


Tax N Book uses bank grade AES-256 SSL encryption, ensuring that data cannot be read if a client uses an unsecured network or a public WiFi connection. All data is stored in an encrypted format, on physically secured servers, with rotating encryption keys.


Tax N Book exclusively uses Smart Vault's secure storage facilities for data storage.

These facilities are located in Houston, Texas. The facility uses physical barriers, video surveillance, and a professional security staff to keep the data center secure and protected.


Our online document management system makes it easy to store, find, and review any documents you send to Tax N Book.

Paper free bookkeeping, payroll, and tax for you!

Peace of mind for you!


To upload, download, and manage your documents securely, please login SmartVault


To manage, approve, and view time sheets, please login payroll account

Other Ways...

You have four options for sending physical documentation to your Tax N Book bookkeeper:


  • You can invite us to your cloud storage
  • Forward emails and statements directly to us
  • Use any scan apps to email the scanned receipts to us
  • Or / and mail a certified package with your documents to us and we will scan it for you

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